Shaping the News Online: A Comparative Research Study on International Quality Media


A new book on Online Journalism, Shaping the News Online has been published, as a result of Research Project ‘Evolución de los cibermedios españoles en el marco de la convergencia [Evolution of the Spanish Online Media in the Framework of Convergence]’ (CSO2009-13713-C05), headed by Prof Javier Díaz Noci from 2009-2012, and followed by Research Project, Active Audiences and Journalism: Involved Citizens or Motivated Consumers? (CSO2012-39518-C04-01) funded by the Spanish Ministry of the Economy and Competitiveness (2012-2015).

The volume, coordinated by Ainara Larrondo, Koldo Meso and Anna Tous, is composed of ten chapters which try to cover a number of aspects on message, content and form of online quality media in Europe and America. Javier Díaz Noci himself is the author of several chapters: Introduction. Why to Study the Internet (and Online Journalism), Narratology of Online News, Hypertextual Structure of Online News and Newsroom Convergence: A Comparative Research.

The book can be downloaded for free at