El GRP en ECREA 2014


Investigadores del GRP presentan nueve comunicaciones en el Congreso ECREA 2014, que bajo el tema 'Communication for Empowerment: Citizens, Markets, Innovations' se ha celebrado en Lisboa del 12 al 15 de noviembre de 2014. 

1 - From Franco to Democracy: The Role of the Main Spanish Newspapers (1975-1978). Jaume Guillamet, Christopher D. Tulloch, Ruth Rodríguez-Martínez.

2 - The Catalan Press in the Transition to Democracy in Spain (1975-1978): A Comparative Study of Barcelona-based Newspapers La Vanguardia Española and Avui. David Caminada, Marcel Mauri, Anna Nogué.

3 - Editorial Analysis of the New Press During the Spanish Democratic Transition; Diario 16 and El País (1976-1978). Rita Luís, Josep Maria Sanmartí, Carles Pont.

4 - Promoting Equality or Persisting in the Old Stereotypes? The Coverage of Sportswomen in London 2012 Olympics at The Guardian, The New York Times and El País from the Perspective of Journalism Ethics. Xavier Ramon.

5 - How Transparent and Accountable are Spanish Media? An Analysis of the Leading Newspapers, Radio Stations and Television Channels. Marcel Mauri, Xavier Ramon, Núria Almiron.

6 - Children’s News: A Confrontation With Reality Through Television. Marta Narberhaus, Mònica Figueras-Maz.

7 - Citizen Participation in News Reporting. An Analysis of the Websites of the Major Spanish Media. Mònica Figueras-Maz, Marta Narberhaus, Ruth Rodríguez-Martínez.

8 - The Challenge of Incluiding Media Convergence in Journalism Higher Education. The Spanish Case. Irene Da Rocha, Carles Singla.

9 - The Evolution of the Editorial Line in the Francoism Press During the First Phase of the Spanish Transition: The Case of Arriba, Pueblo and El Alcázar (1975-1977). Francesc Salgado, Jezabel Martínez Fábregas.