Research areas

This research line can be considered the most consolidated one within the Research Group in Journalism (GRP, by its initial in Catalan) and is deeply involved in the process of internationalization started by the Group, with two competing projects: "Information Ethics and Excellence. Journalistic Ethics Versus Citizenship's Expectations" —financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (ref. - SEJ 2006-05631-C05)—, and "Transparency and Accountability in News Reporting" —supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (ref. CSO2012 - 39138)—.

During the last years, this research line has been developing its activity in two different thematic areas. On one side, on two R&D&I projects of the Spanish Research Framework (Plan Nacional) about the role of the Press during the Spanish Transition to Democracy, "International News about Spain: the Spanish Transition (1975-1978). Media Coverage and Perception of the Spanish Foreign Policy in the International Press" —financed by the Ministry of Science and Innovation (ref. CSO2009 - 09655)—, and "The Role of the Daily Press in the Democratic Transition. Media Coverage and Political Behaviour of Newspapers and Journalists" —subsidized by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (ref. CSO2012 - 36774)—. These two projects will be followed by a third and final one that will be presented to the next official call for project proposals.

UPF's research line on Newsroom Integration is closely connected to the tuition program offered at the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, and also linked to European project "Integrated Journalism in Europe - IJIE", which is part of the European Commision's Lifelong Learning - Erasmus program (Ref. 528057-LLP-1-2012-1-BE-ERASMUS-FEXI). This project focuses on the convergence of newsrooms, and is aimed at finding new methodologies to train future journalists with appropriate skills to develop a professional career in today's media.

Until today, research on Online Journalism, or Cyberjournalism, has been mainly focused —basically using ethnographic methodologies— in three areas: online media cataloging, analysis of the message from different aspects (content analysis, narratology, analysis of myths in news, graphic design and other paratextual and stylistic elements, among others), and analysis of online news production.