Newsroom Integration

UPF's research line on Newsroom Integration is closely connected to the tuition program offered at the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, and also linked to European project "Integrated Journalism in Europe - IJIE", which is part of the European Commision's Lifelong Learning - Erasmus program (Ref. 528057-LLP-1-2012-1-BE-ERASMUS-FEXI). This project focuses on the convergence of newsrooms, and is aimed at finding new methodologies to train future journalists with appropriate skills to develop a professional career in today's media.

This is a line of emerging research, which is expected to consolidate in the coming years with new projects, provided that the creation of integrated newsrooms (spaces where contents are produced to be broadcasted simultaneously on different conventional media —printing press, radio, TV— and Internet) is a growing trend. At the same time, in this research line we work closely on University-Enterprise partnerships with various media.



Integrated Journalism in Europe (IJIE) is an Erasmus Lifelong Learning Programme Project linked to the changes in the European higher education curriculum and global media changes. Once detected,...