MediaAcT - Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe


7th FWP - 244147



MediaAcT (Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe) is a three-and-a-half-years comparative research project started in February 2010, about Media Accountability Systems (MAS) in ten European Union members (Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, United Kingdom and Estonia), and Switzerland. In order to compare processes with neighbouring Mediterranean countries, the cases of Tunisia and Jordan are also analyzed. This geographical approach permits the analysis of various journalistic traditions and cultures according to the classification developed by Daniel C. Hallin and Paolo Mancini. The absence of Spain from the initial group of countries justifies the late admission of the GRP as an associate member.

Media Accountability Systems are understood as instruments and indicators of media pluralism. This project examines the impact of these instruments (such as press councils, ethical codes, ombudsmen ...) while studying new systems recently emerged in the Internet (for instance, blogs acting as observatories of the media).

Our Participation in this project comes as a result of our experience coordinating Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation's R&D&I project “Journalistic Ethics and Excellence” during more than three years. After conclusion, and, with the aim of extending our work at European level, we applied to join this competitive research project financed by the European Union.