Joint Project GRP-Annenberg School for Communication


Between Nov 3-19, 2014, PhD candidate and GRP researcher Marta  Iturrate has carried out a research stay at the University of Pennsylvania invited by the Annenberg School for Communication (ASC), as part of a joint research project initiated during the last SummerCulture seminar, held at the UPF in June 2014. 

Iturrate works together with Kate Zambon, PhD candidate of the ASC, in a research project which, under the generic title Immigrant Catalanism, tries to answer the question: "How has immigration been mobilized in processes of Catalan national identity construction during the past decade of increased non-EU immigration?".
The outcome of this work will be presented at IAMCR 2015 Conference.  An article is also expected to be published as a result of this collaboration between the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania and the UPF.
  • Annenbert School for Communication - Main entrance
  • Sam Maitin's mural painting at ASC's lobby
  • UPenn musiciens
  • ANC's Walnut St. entrance
  • Kate Zambon and Marta Iturrate at ASC's library
  • View from Annenberg Square