History of Andorran Press

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This study, published by the Government of the Principality of Andorra, comes as the result of an ancient ambition of Andorran National Library. The origins of the press in Andorra go back to 1917, with the lauching of Les Valls d'Andorra, a newspaper printed in Barcelona but devoted to disseminate information about the Principality. This publication was followed by other historical ones such as El Poble Andorrà (1974), Andorra 7 or Informacions

Furthermore, the analysis of the demographic, economic and social peculiarities of Andorra has allowed our team to build an approach to the specific model of press in the Principality. Most publications are high frequency ones (usually monthly), mainly specialized in tourism, real estate and economics, and many of them including texts in various languages (up to six), being Catalan the predominant one.