Ethics and Excellence in Journalism

This research line can be considered the most consolidated one within the Research Group in Journalism (GRP, by its initial in Catalan) and is deeply involved in the process of internationalization started by the Group, with two competing projects: "Information Ethics and Excellence. Journalistic Ethics Versus Citizenship's Expectations" —financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (ref. - SEJ 2006-05631-C05)—, and "Transparency and Accountability in News Reporting" —supported by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (ref. CSO2012 - 39138)—.

Likewise, this research line is involved in a project belonging to the 7th Framework Programme for Research (2007-2013) of the European Commission, " MediaAcT - Media Accountability and Transparency in Europe" ( ref. 7FWP -SSH -2009-5.1.1), and also in a number of research agreements with the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media (CCMA) and the Catalan Information Advisory Board (CIC).

The increasing importance of both professional concerns and social sensitivity towards jou
rnalistic ethics would guarantee a successful completion of all these projects, the first  of which is being prepared to compete in the next edition of the Spanish Nacional R&D&I Framework. In addition, this research line offers an interesting potential at interuniversity and international levels, by the strengthening of already existing collaborations in common projects.




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