About the GRP

The Journalism Research Group (GRP by its initials in Catalan) is a research group established at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) since 2006, and today headquartered at the Communication-Poblenou Campus. Initially acknowledged as Emerging Research Group by the Government of Catalonia (GRE-2009 SGR 1162), in May 2014 earned its recognition as consolidated research group (GRC-2014 SGR 872). The Group is formed by professors, PhD students and post-doc researchers devoted to researching in the field of journalism studies. And, more specifically, team members are specialised in one or more of below mentioned research lines:

  • Journalism Ethics: Information transparency, rendering of accounts of media companies, monitoring of ethical principles, journalism deontology or traditional and innovative mechanisms of self-regulation are some of the main focuses of research in this area, being Dr. Salvador Alsius the coordinator of this research line.
  • History of Journalism: This field of research studies the evolution of the media throughout history, placing special emphasis on the study of those changes experienced by the press during the Spanish transition to democracy (1975-1978). This research line is coordinated by Dr. Jaume Guillamet.
  • Digital Media Analysis: This research line aims to analyse from technological and professional perspectives to what extent messages change as a result of media convergence. It also seeks to explain how journalistic discourse is built in this newly created context. The researcher in charge of this area is Dr. Javier Díaz Noci.
  • Integrated Newsroom: Research line dedicated to studying and analysing newsrooms integration within the field of teaching of journalism. The head of this research line is Dr. Carles Singla.

On top of these research lines, the GRP also includes other Research Groups belonging to the Department of Communication of Universitat Pompeu Fabra:

  • Research Group in Digital Library and Information Sciences and Interactive Communication (DigiDoc): Coordinator: Dr. Lluís Codina.
  • Research Group in Scientific Communication (GRECC by its initial in Catalan): Coordinator: Dr. Sergi Cortiñas.

Journalism Research Group (GRP) team members, in addition to their researching activity, are also lecturers at the Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and at the Master's Degree in Social Communication at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.