News Networks in Early Modern Europe

Javier Díaz Noci, member of the GRP, has recently published a chapter in a collective, almost 900-pages long book on News Networks in Early Modern Europe, launched by the prestigious Brill publishing house in Leiden (The Netherlands).
The chapter is entitled "The Iberian Position in European News Networks: A Methodological Approach", and it contains the guidelines for an ongoing research effort trying to cover a content analysis of the Early modern Spanish-language news production. The paper has a strong methodological intention, and it is intended to describe how to deal with the first newspapers -and their contents- in the Spanish-language production. not necessarily limited to Spain but to any place (i.e., America, Brussels, Amsterdam) where news in Spanish were published.
The book, edited by Joad Raymond and Noah Moxham, gathers 37chapters by the main scholars of Early Modern history journalism and communication research, and is one of the results of a network called precisely News Networks in Early Modern Europe.